Monday, May 13, 2013


Like other stimulant-receptor, the notch is stimulated by an external stimulator (delta) which is sensed by O-glycose derivative before the signal is processed by the protein part of the receptor, here that processing end up by clivage of the internal portion of the protein receptor which is internalized and moved directly the nucleus stimulate mostly genes of proliferation such as c-MYC

But it is not the portion internalized only that is important, the portion left at the membrane is vibrating with effects, electronic polarization, release of TNF and Metalloprotease 2, activation of endocytosis in neighboring   , cells and in the cell itself, offering itself to death,
but most interesting NOTCH at the membrane is sending to other cell a consensus and reminder message "this is what we all should be doing" if it "cease" and "desist" or "we keep on going", and that message is are dead.

if resuscitation is started and the notch says its ok, you are alive again!

The TNF is in charge when infection is the aggressor,  so don't go out there upsetting your notch, remember the electric current in your brain and heart is notch driven, don't you go out there to upset it!  for some people just the sight of blood is enough to pass out!

NOTCH is the "consensus" gene about what a group of cells should be doing "or cellular fate gene". if the notch is not ready and you are in coma, vegetative life is allowed!
Notch controls immunization by the memory of exposure, it controls resistance to drug by giving the consensus "we ought to resist" and provide the machinery to back up the decision.  well wake-up to the fact that certain cancer cells are just darn resistant, and wherever they are, they get the message! 
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