Tuesday, November 25, 2014

After the Cytokine period in a life cycle

First we have a Conception, birth and growth lasting from birth to 10 to 15 years, this period is full of "growth" but seems dominated by the HLA (Histocompatibility build up) but also organ maturation. Trying to establish what is oneself seems to be the priority.  Fight against infections seem to be the determinant event. Here women are the most "build"up in preparation for receiving the child, a foreign entity.

Then come 15 to 25 years of "Hormone reign"when most of the purpose is turned to reproductive function. The testicular cancer happen at this stage.  And in women, infection driven cancers (cervix) will mark this period.  Autoimmune and metabolic diseases will mark this period.

After the reign of the Hormones, after Menopause, commences the "years of the Cytokines".  This last another 20 years. One important fact during the years of the Cytokines, Hormone receptor desensitization with marked endothelial effect in women and does have profound epigenic and nuclear effects at cellular level.  Most cancers will happen here as Cytokines induce them.  In developing countries, most do not reach this period.  The cytokine period obviously last all life long as cancer can happen any day but during the years of 50 to 70, cancer risks are clearly higher but so are arthritic conditions that fully fall on the lapse of the Cytokines.  Mental disturbances also fall on the Cytokines.  Those who are lucky have a good c-fos, c-jun, Fas, FOXO-1, Daf-1 and the Telomeres (families of genes), will enter the new 10-20 years with still the Cytokine but less intense, like the one that make lose weight and muscle tone, the one that induce dementia and further CNS disturbances....
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