Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cytokines after age of 45

Now it is true that the Cytokines are able to induce cancers
the question is is it through the FAK gene or the BCAR3,TENC1
or directly through the MDM2,
or through pathways (ie. the LYN-CD22-SHP-1 pathway for lymphocyte )(wikipedia)whatever the connection, a number of amplification gene will be soon engaged to commit and amplify the process Myc, NPM1, Cyclin B1,
other supportive activities will be amplification of transcription factors
suppression of promoters of Tumor suppressor oncogenes
and some of the elongation genes (for telomeres)
disturbance of Mitochondrial genes and Ubiquitination genes
all these steps open an opportunity for a therapeutic intervention.
the way to treating cancer provide so many opportunities, soon we will be working at finding the best way to articulate and sequencing them!

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