Monday, May 2, 2016

Is the black hole evidence of the existence of parallel universe

We all agree that black hole exist, they suck universal objects such as planets and suns and moon
but for where....matters sucked will go where?
it is true that we started off as a big bang
or was it a big bang, did we come from the other side of a black hole?   in a parallel universe
is the big bang the explosion that follows from the furnaces of a black the black hole the origin of the dark natters that seem to offset the rules of Physics...indeed it has been calculated that in its tourbillon of a galaxy, matters should be moving faster while at the periphery things should going a lot slower ...but it is not thru as peripheral bodies of a Galaxy are like charged up by "dark" matter as they spin at exhilarating speed (?from black holes)  matters seems to foil the matter is Energy...may be by mixing with tangible matters at the periphery of Galaxies...but where things go after an absorption by black they just vanish or may be transformed in true black matters...or come  out the other side in a parallel universe?...if it is true that nothing is created all transform...where things go after passage through the black holes...?