Saturday, April 16, 2016

life, a continuum of structures

Life secret is hidden in several dimensions
distance among the suns and various planets, continuum of life structures, limitations of our minds, limitations in our lives etc...
I was talking to someone about how far is Orion, he tells me "I don't have to worry about this, I will never see it"...this attitude let the secret get a second wind...particularly at the time where "New Horizon probe is penetrating the intercelestial world beyond Neptune,  even scientists were lost  (lacking an objective for their probe)  until the new glacial object in this space became an objective for 2019.  In the same time, beyond the atome and electron, even smaller particules are being discovered  while we still don't know if our mountains, full of rocks, are "alive".   We can move while trees can't but they live longer than us...Methane is a proof of life on earth, but there is full of Methane on Titan a moon of Saturn, a planet which is still surrounded by moving "stones" which make this planet's belt and we recall our own history that earth too was surrounded by water and heavy stones that shielded the planet from sun rays and resulting cooling led to the disappearance of the seems like Saturn is still in that transition after being hit by a moon or a comet...we can still see the belt today...some speculate people from Saturn saw the comet coming and some may have mooved to Titan, therefore the Methane there...plenty of organisms may have survived there, those who can survive the cold...underwater...on Titan...aquatic life you see!   you have to go under the waters to meet them!...the methane is a proof of life...some speculate their membrane is not like our with bilayer lipid but "Methanic"... to sustain the cold...indeed they are so far away from the sun.  they get the sunlight but not the heat!   Beside there is time when they get eclipsed by Jupiter...the bigger planet...likely this is rare since these things spin around the sun at different speed...what an eclipse that must be...
In this world when we live less than a century...things have been happening for billions of years
so has to keep life secret beyond us...and trees which lives longer can,t tell us...can't write these things down to transfer the knowledge...our savants die off in the "flower" of their the deep mysteries of life untackled!...the mystery lives on...unimpaired!!!
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