Sunday, January 24, 2016

Perspective III

Folks don't let it pass, right now today: "Mars, Venus,Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter" are in Alignment in over 10 years, a rare phenomena in our skies...wake up and smell the coffee...It's going away before you know it...whether you like it or not.   It brings to mind an interesting dimension...indeed if you are in the lign how can you see this alignment...  well you are not in ligne so you can see it...  Same goes when you are looking at the Milky Way, or Galaxy, when you are in it...How can you see the Galaxy we are in!!!?  Well you can....I went to Florida few weeks ago at NASA.   There a 3D movie from the H. Telescope took me into the deep skies...And all was done, I was conquered!   Jupiter is the big one and it is visible!!!   I feel so small...insignificant  but deep in my mind I remember "we can change the world" but can we change the Universe...I think we do by sending all the I am told the Radioisotope battery can last 30 years...what picture will be sent back in 10,15 to be there to see it...Jupiter has few moons,  what are their effects on the they illuminate its nights, and why are they so many...These dimensions are still unknown to my knowledge...but tantalizing...

Saturday, January 23, 2016

perpective II

Folks  I say these events "stretch my mind"  it really does.  In fact it gets you tired and at the long run can get you depressed.  So your body defense mechanisms shut these things down.   You just forget about this and try to live your life.   And this makes life "livable".   We walk around "ignoring" major events in our surroundings immediate and extra-terrestrial.  Yes indeed, as you walk on the street, the sun continue to pull you in its travel, and Jupiter continue its walk around the sun and yet life continues whether you think about it or them (planets).   And since nothing is "still", the entire Galaxy must be moving around some other structure yet to be defined.   What we call Universe do exist.   Our shutting down to our surrounding actually protects us from having to worry about things.   Yes it would be heart breaking to always think we are going more than 60,000 miles /hour around the Sun.  Lets shut this down and comeback to earth...But on the other hand, this mechanism of shutting down things also affects us deeply as we become "shallow".   We don't think enough about things!  And we end up perceiving less.   Flying from one thing to another without depth...Say when you look at someone, you just say he is there and don't mind him, you stop looking at his eyes how deep his glance, what the color or his eyes, how log is his hair, the softness of his skin, what color is his cloth stopped deepening your thoughts about things and "shut these dimensions down that makes you human, an intelligent animal...So stop eluding the question and think about a dimension that is comfortable to your can go deep up or down...Downward, think of Human formed with systems, organs, and cells.  And within a cell, think of membranes, the Cytosol and the Nucleus, all formed by Molecules each with a function predetermined by their origin the DNA.   And each function make up the "human" functions and performances.   And each abnormality is encrypted.  This very thought will lead us to the construction of Medicine of tomorrow.   Yes Medicine of tomorrow will be completely "genetic".   Prepare ourselves to have a "gene" MicroChip.  Evidences have proven that what disease we have, are susceptible to and will develop in the future is encrypted in us, in our genes.   A Doctor will not do a thing without the exact knowledge of your genes.   We kept ignoring these facts and try to find a reason to escape this reality (cost of insurance, is it racial and so on) but cancer is pushing us to rethink this things.   Only targeting genes work efficiently.
How critical a gene makes the difference in outcome.   Discovering the PL-1 and Bruton (Activity of Ibrutinib) are a clear proof of the exercise.    Life tells us that things are not static...what happened when too much excitation of a receptor or lack thereof leads to is still understudy.   The constant persistance and performances of a living life continue to escape us...."don't shut down" now...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


After a long pause due to disease-Prostate Cancer
It is time to return to writing blogs or actually continuing the long reflexion on life we lead.
Already I should be frank by announcing that my mind was literally "stretched" by new reflection about life and its several dimension.  I am in my late 50s and yet never thought about these truths as I do lately.  And quite frankly, I should confess that I am humbled by the truth and appreciate life even more now as I am struggling with these realities.

The first reality is the existence of the SUN.
did you know or realize the sun is 1.3 million times larger the Earth.   Not double, not time 10, 100 or a 1000, but 1.3 Million times larger than Earth.   This thing is Huge!!!!   And to look to us as it does, it is over 90 millions miles away.   Folks if you try to go there with modern devices, you will die before reaching this "thing", and that assuming you are not "melted" prior.  This SUN is so far that the sunlight that reaches us is 8 minutes old by the time we are "illuminated".  Folks the persecution of my mind does not stop here.   We (on earth) turn around the sun, and complete a full circle in 12 months.  to do that the earth has to travel at over 60,000 miles/hour.   The Earth will live on is a speedy vehicle around the sun at speed which blows my mind (not invented bu human).   There are more news...this immense sun is not alone in the Milky way.  There are billion of suns in our galaxy (Milky way).  And then there are many galaxies to stretch this (your minds) even more.

There are realities that are even closer,   away from the sun another planet is massively big called
Jupiter...probably 100 times bigger if my math is correct.  Perhaps another larger planet is SATURN.
This one is intriguing because it might have just wiped out the people if any who used to live there...And don't get excited let me explain.   Saturn is the only planet with surrounding ring made of "dust".   This dust is made of particles of several size including some that have 1 kilometer size...these things are spinning around Saturn...second fact is that Saturn is not completely if "hit" by something to change its if you go back to the disappearance of Dynosaurs, you found somewhere a "hit" theory where the earth was once completely covered by debris from a "hit" causing intense cold on earth...  Are these the same debris from hit on Saturn?
more mind stretching to come....