Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Striking Facts

*Mutation of BRAF has been seen in all cases of Hairy cell Leukemia
Is that mean that Cladribine  and Pendostatin need to be used in BRAF positive Melanoma
or is this a different BRAF

The opposite is it true? should we use dabrafenib in Hairy cell Leukemia

Are they localized Mutations that differentiate the 2 types of BRAF Mutations...

*As it stands,  CLL treatment include
-Chlorambucil +/- Rituxan (or Ofatumumab/Obinutuzumab), R-CHOP
-Rituxan Bendamustine
-Idelalisib, the anti PI3K
- CARTs targeting CD19

Friday, March 25, 2016

Today's GIST

1. Standard treatment
is Imatinib for 3 years for patient with high risk of recurrence
those with Exon 11 in the KIT gene will respond the best

2.The 2nd line is Sunitinib
3.Those who resist these meds, well Regorafenib may work
check your FDA recommended list

More and capable Telescopes

when it comes to observing the Universe,  with our current means, comparison has been made that
we can only look from our stand points.   Briefly its like looking at a room from a "key Hole"
only more "Hobble Telescopes" are needed to look everywhere.   Let say the Batteries can also be improved to use Nuclear Batteries instead of the current which may last 30-40Years...More lasting Batteries are needed.
Same goes from genes, cellular Telescopes will be needed one day to map up the many interactions going on in the cell....

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Death Center

*There is nothing without substance
for smoke to exist there must be fire at origin
and since death is a phenomena, a death center must exist
so where is it in a human body
everyone including this author believe that it is in the Brain
It is irreversible, once launched or engaged.  No one survive it as if the "consensus" of all cells is to "remain dead" once the message is received.  One would speculate it could be in the lungs, however
hypoxia message needs to be received by the Brain for death to occur.
If you are falling from the sky or the skyscraper, you will be dead or unconscious prior to hitting the ground.  Once again your brain will give up first....
you can harvest any other organ but the brain so far...
The counter to this is now:  can we act directly on on the death center to avoid dying?
"are consensus genes" be considered involved in the death process.   Are people who live longer have mutations in the "consensus" genes.  Can we prove that intercellular communications  are involved in the death status.  Can we ultimately interfere with death?  block it for happening?   If really smoke assumes there is fire, the there are genes that directly cause a death state.   And if there are genes...

*With billions of suns in the Galaxy, it is almost impossible that there is no other life out there...
yet we will not know for one reason,  worlds are kept too far apart...the suns we can see (as stars) are too far away sometime 3 to 4 times the distance to our Sun.   No one can reach other sun's planet alive with our current vessels.   So we will not meet our cousins on other planets any time soon...but they are there wondering the same...denying their existence...is denying our own existence ...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Important Updates

*90 % of lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma have L265P
*Rituxan-EPOCH back into Burkitt lymphoma treatment
*the infamous S1 better than Gemzar in adjuvant treatment of resected Pancreatic cancers!
*BRAF Mutated colon cancer needs the famous "Kitchen sink" thrown to them-FOLFORINOX-Avastin

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Lets back up a bit

It is hard to imagine that as you are reading this, you are indeed traveling at 63,000 miles around the Sun but it is true.  We should be dizzy but of course there are things that keep us from dizziness, our relation to Earth which is steady, the Atmosphere that enclosed us and keeps us safe and of course respectable distance of other planets and moons that although changing but at controllable speed.  Yes you look up the friendly sky and Orion is moving at slow pace...to eventually disappear for months that we can not see it...from one particular location at least...
But the Mystery of life goes on...suffice is to say that what we know of the Universe is not controversial but at least understandable...It is however progressing and always expanding.  New fact has come up to change our understanding...scientists had noted an object the size of a "moon" beyond Pluto...the object was visible for a while than it  disappeared.   But after a "while", the object came back then left again in sight...than it dawned on them that the object was rotating around some planet beyond pluto.  while Earth is turning around the Sun on an orbit that takes it 365 days to complete, This planet could take 1 million years to complete its orbit?  Is this true?  I guess we are lucky to have seen it...Suffice is to say that this is challenging our current understanding of the "Universe"...
Are there more planets beyond...I strongly believe so...until we intersect with another sun's planets and there are billions of suns in the Universe...In our own Galaxy-The Milky way, there are millions of suns...
That brings up the second question
Around each sun, there are planets
and if there are suns it means they produce energy for their planets and there must be planets that enjoy the same circumstances and condition as Earth,  meaning there must be life somewhere else as true as we exist!   However, don't expect them yet...we do not have the mean to reach anybody...don't look for life in some clusters...It is there in the Universe but so far away we can't reach it yet...
let's however reorient our search, find a sun and its planets, then locate the planet with the closest similarity with conditions on Earth and voila !   Here are our distant cousins!   watch out, they may not like us....Distance keeps us apart...you may die before reaching there with our current means...

The Universe secret is kept by the current distance to anything...the sun to Earth is 93,000,000 Miles
but the distance to some portion of Orion is 3-4 times that.   It takes 8 minutes for the sun ray to reach us, and close to half an our for Orion to become Visible...Ladies and gentlemen, you will die before reaching any of those worlds...

Friday, March 11, 2016

Views on Colon Cancer Prevention

The frequency of occurrence of Colorectal Cancers is attracting the attention of Researchers
It seems though that the occurrence of Cancer in the Colon seems to be linked
to an inflammatory process that get out of hands.   A Cytokine storm seems to be involved
in the process.   The proof is there.   Most anti-inflammation medications seems to reduce the frequency of cancer occurrence (Aspirin, in the latest study).
should we monitor the NFkB gene pathway and amplification in colon cancer
we should surmise that error in early diagnosis of certain inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) leads to Colon cancers.    Meaning that improvement into the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseases would reduce the frequency of this cancer.
should a CRP (C-Reactive Protein) be included in the screening of Colorectal cancers
should increase of IL4 help in prevention of colon cancer  (stimulation of CD124)
also follow TRAF genes and IKKs

In a way should we inject high dose of IL4 to prevent Colorectal cancers?
Is partial Colectomy at 50 a viable prevention mechanism for Colorectal cancer? (how about in those with family hx or elevated CRP with IBD)

"The benefit of Aspirin as a secondary prophylaxis in patients with resected Colorectal cancers appears to be linked to the presence of PIK3CA mutations (Liao)"

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A second look

Can we disrupt this through the UPF-1
Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay (NMD) is a surveillance pathway that exists in all eukaryotes. Its main function is to reduce errors in gene expression by eliminating mRNA transcripts that contain premature stop codons.[1] Translation of these aberrant mRNAs could, in some cases, lead to deleterious gain-of-function or dominant-negative activity of the resulting proteins.[2]"

Can this have a major impact in Sarcoma?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It just follows therefore

It Just follow therefore that IDH-1 would be a Biomarker for use of
Temodar and 5-AZAcitadine or Decitabine for Gliobastoma
and may be adding Ifosfamide or Etoposide for Leukemia and sarcoma (Chondrosarcoma) that is positive for Mutant IDH-1.    (and wild type TET)