Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The promises at CRBCM

Dear Dr. Kankonde,

We will forward the kits for HLA typing of his sibs.
I will inform our Cell and Gene therapy unit.


From Baylor University to CRBCM

2:42 PM (18 hours ago)

"Augmented Hyper-CVAD based on dose-Intensified Vincristine, Dexamethasone, and Asparaginase Therapy"  Katarjian et al...

This is what Baylor University has recommended for our patient with refractory ALL. (peristant MRD)  we thank them...

If all will end

According to most astrophysicists, the world will end in an explosion caused by comet that will be large enough to cause cataclysmic shifts how ever you can imagine them...but with all evidence this all could be avoided at least theoritically...because the velocity and masses of the incoming meteorite could be predicted years ahead, science should be ready to "deflate" the speed of the incoming and arrange for a "softer" landing.    Today we see vehicle sent to mars covered in Balloon to avoid a tough impact on Landing, why can't a comet be assured a soft unnatural  landing...on Balloons or after repeated deflagrations and deflations....we need to start thinking about this now and not accept the fate of the dinosaurs...In principle, all this is possible, if we know how to govern the forces already present in the Cosmos.    We know a ray of some sort can pulverize anything of in its a ray from a Pulsar, can we have such a ray...can we maximize laser to bombard incoming meteorites...don't just shoot down satellites...but sizable meteorites aimed at earth...that may breach our atmospheric layer of protection...should the human race be doomed because we played the victims by accepting the fate of our planets...the forces that led to our existence have designed us to dominate the Universe and Cosmos...they did not tell us how but it is in our souls, our minds to figure it out...Today we look upon the sky to see the distant sky...but we know we can one day "warp" through the interstellar like going to Walmart...The fact is earth itself is traveling around the Sun at thousands of miles just by using gravity toward the Sun...who say we cannot "sling shoot" into Cosmos inside a "Dirigeable"toward new worlds...It is for us to make this happen...our trip started with the comet that brought us to Earth...Let's not stop here!...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

life a continuuum of things...B

The news from space is still coming in
it is new for me but certainly old for those who have been following it closely
it is a time striking  and at the same time soothing
striking that life was started by some kind of an explosion that caused creation of gamma rays
soothing that we are probably the extra-terresterial we have been looking for brought in by a comet...and that our composition is same as our sun, we can now relate...which soothes my heart...
the same information tells me about preliminary notion of quantum physics such as quantum enigma...
Delving into the minuscule after looking at the sun makes perfect sense because we all part of the same continuum...from the particules making the neutron to the macroscopic us and the sun to the making of cosmos ...It is in this context that we can understand the intricacies of genetics...and its causing of diseases such as cancers.   The notion that Helium is created constantly in our Sun through bombardement so to speak by activity of electrons, creates in effect matter elements similar to what we are made of at a rather more complex state but yet the same matter...similitude at molecular level explain our susceptibility...If our DNA has Cytosine in its composition for example, any compound which react easily with Cytosine, will have implication at DNA level...directly...(see how easily products in a cigarette smoke can act directly on DNA...)  this where the crux of the matter is as it goes back to...our simple component...similar to the Sun...
then goes this notion that different atoms have a symetrical atoms distant away and no matter what distance there is similarity in their activities (the doppelganger effect)...this goes deep...that any of us has a doppelganger... spooky in a way....but I believe it....what this tell us...

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In cancers, It is remove the break and release!

Many cancers are allowed to occur when Breaks in genetic pathways are removed
and abnormal proteins are being released (or formed) as a result of failures.
Of course one of the way the gene acting as a break failure is through Mutations  (of course heterozygosity, missing or omission, or blockage will be the other ways of failing)...The failure is not alone...subsequent consequences result in the pathways leading to aberrations that ultimately engage the cancerous process.
These consequences end up amplifying a normal or abnormal gene (c-Myc) resulting in amplification of other genes in the pathways...and cancerous disease develop.   It is important to note that while this is happening, mechanisms to protect this dangerous development also are engaged...Mucus is formed to protect the cancer from detection (ie Colon cancer cells) and most importantly genes such as the PD-1/PDL-1 are also formed to hide the process even more deeply ...
say you want to check for Lynch Syndrome, you will find that the APC gene which is Mutated is not stopping the Wnt-signaling pathway which leads to "mutated proteins" or dysfunctional proteins which could block the Beta-Catenin from transcribing more resulting Oncogenes...This is an early event in the cancer development...making the cell loose the sens of containment and shape, a polyp will result...

Monday, April 18, 2016

Few GI update

*capecitabine with Avastin now a standard first line in elderly with Metastatic colorectal cancer
*S1 better then Gemzar in adjuvant setting in Pancreatic cancer
a drug that was for long time not available in the USA...
* and now what was suspected is now confirmed that Cisplatin-FU could be a second alternative to Mitomycin-5-FU as Radiation sensitizer for Anal Cancer...
*IN GE-junction Cancer, EGFR no
and Her-2 yes but with Trastuzumab (not Lapatinib)

Saturday, April 16, 2016

life, a continuum of structures

Life secret is hidden in several dimensions
distance among the suns and various planets, continuum of life structures, limitations of our minds, limitations in our lives etc...
I was talking to someone about how far is Orion, he tells me "I don't have to worry about this, I will never see it"...this attitude let the secret get a second wind...particularly at the time where "New Horizon probe is penetrating the intercelestial world beyond Neptune,  even scientists were lost  (lacking an objective for their probe)  until the new glacial object in this space became an objective for 2019.  In the same time, beyond the atome and electron, even smaller particules are being discovered  while we still don't know if our mountains, full of rocks, are "alive".   We can move while trees can't but they live longer than us...Methane is a proof of life on earth, but there is full of Methane on Titan a moon of Saturn, a planet which is still surrounded by moving "stones" which make this planet's belt and we recall our own history that earth too was surrounded by water and heavy stones that shielded the planet from sun rays and resulting cooling led to the disappearance of the seems like Saturn is still in that transition after being hit by a moon or a comet...we can still see the belt today...some speculate people from Saturn saw the comet coming and some may have mooved to Titan, therefore the Methane there...plenty of organisms may have survived there, those who can survive the cold...underwater...on Titan...aquatic life you see!   you have to go under the waters to meet them!...the methane is a proof of life...some speculate their membrane is not like our with bilayer lipid but "Methanic"... to sustain the cold...indeed they are so far away from the sun.  they get the sunlight but not the heat!   Beside there is time when they get eclipsed by Jupiter...the bigger planet...likely this is rare since these things spin around the sun at different speed...what an eclipse that must be...
In this world when we live less than a century...things have been happening for billions of years
so has to keep life secret beyond us...and trees which lives longer can,t tell us...can't write these things down to transfer the knowledge...our savants die off in the "flower" of their the deep mysteries of life untackled!...the mystery lives on...unimpaired!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Research has restarted
This time with completion of our random selection of sera
Indeed 64 patients,friends and neighbors have volunteered their blood samples for for random gene mutation testing.  7 mutations were selected based on availability at UTEP  of Antisera.
c-Myc, Survivin, Cyclin B1, HCC-1, NPM1, P53, and p62 were randomly selected

We are Published!

In the Journal of Oncoimmunology
the article was submitted in Sept 2015
and peer reviewed in December 2015 when it was also Accepted
will be published under "original study"

"Serum MDM2 and Anti-c-MYC autoantibodies as Bio-markers in the early detection of Lung Cancer"
with DR Kankonde, and DR Zhang from UTEP
this will launch CRBCM as Center of genetic research!
The study was completed in established cancer patients
we need to run a similar study in smokers!
the challenge is on!

We cannot thank enough those who have made this research possible
1.MD Honors/World ONE London/UK,which provided initial fund
2.Tissue Bank, University of Virginia,Lung Cancer  Biospecimen Network!
3.Review Board at University of Texas at  El Paso
and DR Zhang team and in China DR Bao-Fa YU

Thank you a all lot!

Monday, April 11, 2016

Dark matter

one controversial matter in astro-physics is the existence of dark matter
but when you think about it, it seems to me that the existence of dark matter is evident
as there is a "no" for a "yes".   Evidences accumulate that increasingly well known phenomena may be explained by the existence of dark matter.   For those in the extreme, the moon circling around the earth is linked to the existence of "waves" of dark matter.   Any circling body around the sun may be driven by dark matter to not fall out. That force of attraction toward the earth center (pesanteur) is govern by dark matter.   one other not well publish fact is the center oriented fact when a light goes out in a dark room, luminosity goes out from periphery to the center (and never the other way) as dark matter moves in....The moon influence the oceans through activity of dark matter...For some the strength of dark matter is concentrated and represented by "Black holes" in Cosmos (while the force of "white matters" is represented by motion driven organisms...At the center of this line of two extremes are motion mess living such as trees...some wonder if rocks are also "living" in a philosophical way.

I come to think of it, if the rock was "living", it may make sense that there are so much rocks into the planets...

Monday, April 4, 2016

Chromosome Translocation, an old scientific curiosity

From Myelodysplasia to most cancers including T cell lymphoproliferative disorder, scientific readings continue to report how chromosomal translocations have such a prognosis meaning for our patients.   They go on to tell us how "breakable" these locations on the chromosome are...
"Loss of Heterozygosity (LOH) is identified in 30 to 60% commonly at 9p,10q, 1p, and 17p" cutaneous T cell Lymphomas  (Kuzel et al)
what most literatures does not report is just as important, but may be more important, is the specific gene really involved by the translocations.
for 5q deletion syndrome, a Myelodysplasia, the gene appears to have been discovered so that we can develop new Medicine aside from Revlimid, and may be understand a little more what induce the disease and what can be done more specifically...defining what a chromosomal deletion involves in terms of gene missing or criss-crossing appears more urgent now.

"Recently,RPS14 has been identified as a likely candidate gene involved in the 5q-syndrome" (ASCO)