Wednesday, April 27, 2016

If all will end

According to most astrophysicists, the world will end in an explosion caused by comet that will be large enough to cause cataclysmic shifts how ever you can imagine them...but with all evidence this all could be avoided at least theoritically...because the velocity and masses of the incoming meteorite could be predicted years ahead, science should be ready to "deflate" the speed of the incoming and arrange for a "softer" landing.    Today we see vehicle sent to mars covered in Balloon to avoid a tough impact on Landing, why can't a comet be assured a soft unnatural  landing...on Balloons or after repeated deflagrations and deflations....we need to start thinking about this now and not accept the fate of the dinosaurs...In principle, all this is possible, if we know how to govern the forces already present in the Cosmos.    We know a ray of some sort can pulverize anything of in its a ray from a Pulsar, can we have such a ray...can we maximize laser to bombard incoming meteorites...don't just shoot down satellites...but sizable meteorites aimed at earth...that may breach our atmospheric layer of protection...should the human race be doomed because we played the victims by accepting the fate of our planets...the forces that led to our existence have designed us to dominate the Universe and Cosmos...they did not tell us how but it is in our souls, our minds to figure it out...Today we look upon the sky to see the distant sky...but we know we can one day "warp" through the interstellar like going to Walmart...The fact is earth itself is traveling around the Sun at thousands of miles just by using gravity toward the Sun...who say we cannot "sling shoot" into Cosmos inside a "Dirigeable"toward new worlds...It is for us to make this happen...our trip started with the comet that brought us to Earth...Let's not stop here!...
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