Friday, February 6, 2015

Articles review

*Daratumumab added action to Revlimid and Decadron in Myeloma we are told!
*New important pathway :  The PLK1 disturbing spindle cell assemby...
*Blinatumomab, beneficial in refractory B cell precursor ALL....
*Potentiation of T cell  tumor recognition (of neoplastic transformation)
by  1.   Anti-CTLA4-----Ipilimumab
      2.   Anti-PD1----PEMBRO
      3.   CAR-T cell therapy
*Volarsetib in AML for older patient (research)
*Adding Everolimus to Taxol-Herceptin failed to increase disease free survival.   But it did in Her-2 negative front line!   a 7 months improvement was reported (20 Vs 13 months).  BOLERO-3 is talking!
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