Sunday, January 24, 2016

Perspective III

Folks don't let it pass, right now today: "Mars, Venus,Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter" are in Alignment in over 10 years, a rare phenomena in our skies...wake up and smell the coffee...It's going away before you know it...whether you like it or not.   It brings to mind an interesting dimension...indeed if you are in the lign how can you see this alignment...  well you are not in ligne so you can see it...  Same goes when you are looking at the Milky Way, or Galaxy, when you are in it...How can you see the Galaxy we are in!!!?  Well you can....I went to Florida few weeks ago at NASA.   There a 3D movie from the H. Telescope took me into the deep skies...And all was done, I was conquered!   Jupiter is the big one and it is visible!!!   I feel so small...insignificant  but deep in my mind I remember "we can change the world" but can we change the Universe...I think we do by sending all the I am told the Radioisotope battery can last 30 years...what picture will be sent back in 10,15 to be there to see it...Jupiter has few moons,  what are their effects on the they illuminate its nights, and why are they so many...These dimensions are still unknown to my knowledge...but tantalizing...
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