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Friday, September 20, 2013

Profiling through at the CRBCM!

At the CRBCM something is coming through:

1. Deterioration at membrane receptor by lack of stimulation or "false or abnormal stimulation" could not only alter the nature of the "glycan" covering the protein portion of the receptor, but also induce stress like molecules.(HSP)
2. As a result of receptor failure new cytokines and TGFs are secreted which unfortunately fail at the initial receptor, but induce other receptors, amplifying standard pathways like RAS or PIK
3. Certains TGFs have an intrinsic power to maintain life of cells no matter what and induce metastasis.
4. Certain genes have an auto-phosphorylation or self-limiting mechanism that can easily go wrong  (RAS, FAK) driving to neoplastic process
5. FAK plays a larger role in aggressive prostate cancer than it has been recognized!
6. FAK has a closer relation to Androgen than recognized
7. NOTCH has closer relation with MEK and "stem cell potential" than recognized.
8. FAK disturbance prominence in cancer explains its sensitivity to Taxanes!  That is on top of Microtubule disturbances induced by the drug!
9. Metalloproteases are the ultimate Biomarkers of membrane events !
10.  Epigenetic methylation and its patterns are one of the largest mystery still to be elucidated!

Thursday, March 7, 2013