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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Hypothesis for cancer research

In the cell there is a small body covered by a membrane called Lysosome.
This body is full of enzymes capable of causing death to the cell should the enzyme (Acid hydrolase) get released in the intracellular solution.  Acid Hydrolase and related enzymes are powerfully destructive but they only act in a very acid environment.  When they come out mistakenly, the neutral state of the Cytosol (intracellular solution where all the organelles of the cell are floating)  paralyzes these enzymes.  The reason why the inside of the lysosome can stay very Acid to allow the function of these enzymes is linked to the existence in the lysosomal membranes  of proton pumps forcing hydrogen ions into the lysosome.  Scientists are looking at paralyzing these proton pumps in cancer cells in order to disturb selectively lysosomal function of targeted cancer cells.  Just changing the Ph of the cell to a more Acidic environment could kill the cell by affecting the many metabolic reactions that only occur effectively at neutral Ph.

Also in this structure (lysosome) there are other targets such the mannose Monophosphate receptors which, if successfully paralyzed, could also induce various lysosomal disturbances.  Weakening cancer cells could cure one from cancer.  The struggle continues.