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Friday, February 15, 2013


*Steady stream of patients good for business,
but Medicare and Medicaid payments still not coming in
and they accuse physicians for not wanting to take these patients;
but how can you dedicate your time fully to the complexity of taking care of patients without being paid!
It is just a shame!

*we are meeting this coming week the UTEP biostatistic lab for possible Collaboration on future research projects.
The Dept of Defense is calling for submissions. Please Rush and participate!  Closing door Feb 27, 2013.

*There are only 2 PET scan Machines in El Paso. Population 750,000, 4th city in Texas!   Price range per study from $1,500 to 4,000 according to your insurance!  Investors contact me. I will help!  Even the University Medical Center does not have (one from sure source)!

*The Great State of Indiana is UP! we will be traveling there tomorrow to take the Pulse!

*Survivorship program for cancer survivors in Indiana, coming soon!  We keep working Hard!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"I say to you today, my friends that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream"

Christmas Reflections at CRBCM!

"I say to you today, my friends that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream" and with this dream we will rise again to fight another day because we have understood that as long as we live another day, a door may be opened again, another chance may come along, we got to stay prepared and keep looking forward for an opportunity.  There are in life many pits, but all have a bottom here on earth, and even in the darkness of those pits, as long as we live, our imagination will help us rise again.  It is our call, the cause is too important to quit.
Those who came before us have left these words because they lived the horrors of life, went through them and came out the other side still whole.  They left these words so that we do not give up, but instead keep strategizing even when faced by a wall of negative forces.  We need to keep on advancing because only positive steps can generate new consequences.  Not doing a thing is to lose control of the outcome.  So at CRBCM we believe in new steps until life is irreversibly taken from us.  So in these Christmas days, let celebrate persistence and resolve.  What we fight against will not go away until we stand up to it!  Merry Christmas to all.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Comprehensive Health Intervention Program to Reverse Breast Cancer Mortality in El Paso, TX

We started the application process for a 3-year CPRIT Company Formation Award for our "Comprehensive Health Intervention Program to Reverse Breast Cancer Mortality in El Paso, TX":

CP130064, Application Abstract
This Comprehensive Health Intervention Program to Reverse Breast Cancer Mortality fills the need for a global breast cancer research, prevention,treatment and survivorship program for the underserved and underinsured Hispanic and African-American population on the greater Eastside of the city and county of El Paso.Primary goal is the reversal of breast cancer mortality.However,other health issues are expected to be discovered, we anticipate to find Diabetes Mellitus II, High blood pressure, Anemia, Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome and cancers of other sites than the Breast. Patients will be referred to nearest available care for those conditions and invited to join our cancer prevention program for free. Monitoring of their weight,education about healthy diet, physical activity and the benefit of screening will be offered to them. Laboratory research collaboration with Dr.Kirken, chair of the Dept of Biology, UTEP, to understand the specificity of the basal cell type breast cancer (a more aggressive cancer seen in minority populations), six molecular targets and the role of e-Cadherine and Metalloproteases.Mobile applications as developed by CPRIT grantee will help monitor patients' efforts and send critical updates on prevention, treatment schedule, track and encourage their healthy lifestyle efforts such as weight control, healthy diet and regular physical activity.The Survivorship Center will offer all standard medical services and a welcoming environment for patients in treatment.

CP130064, Executive Summary
The Coalition for the Reversal of Breast Cancer Mortality in African American Women is a Coalition about research, awareness, prevention, treatment and survivorship of Breast Cancer and all cancers, including targeted scientific research and a grassroots approach to increase screening for cancer, especially in the low income and under-insured population of El Paso, Texas, with a view to expand this new health care model to many other 'minority' populations across the United States and beyond.
The CRBCM’s reason for existence is to combat the famous “Breast Cancer Mortality Paradox” that has been known to exist for years. The paradox states that the incidence of Breast Cancer in minority populations (African American and Hispanic populations) is lower when compared with that in White women. However, their mortality rate is 40% to 70% higher than in White women.
This projects includes the Provision of Services to Patients and the Creation of Infrastructure for a Permanent and Comprehensive Cancer Center on the East side of El Paso to serve this population now and in the future in its needs for the best cancer treatments, most cost efficient medical and psycho-social care in a culturally appropriate setting where patients feel welcome and cared about like members of a large family to which they will stay linked as survivors in order to maintain the benefits of lifestyle changes including weight management, healthy diet, physical activity and regular follow-ups and screenings in their cancer care.
This project is unique as it to feed latest research findings as quickly as possible into research intervention programs in order to benefit patients in an easily accessible and understandable grassroots approach. The long-term benefits of a healthy lifestyle and education to raise awareness of risk factors together with a clear understanding of the benefits of appropriate screening routines will, hopefully, allow to improve the overall health of the El Paso population.
The cost/fee per patient care model is a dynamic one where all stakeholders push for efficiency and appropriateness of interventions and avoid wastage of precious resources wherever possible.
The use of mobile technology to communicate with the patient community in an active and regular way seems to be the future of an efficient and beneficial health care model. These technologies can also easily be tailored to language and socio-cultural specific sets of population and therefore increase the positive impact on public health of all these educational and improved healthy lifestyle behavior efforts.
CP130064 / Coalition for the Reversal of Breast Cancer Mortality in African American Women