Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Functional proximity of main genes

It is striking to notice that during the daily practice of Medicine, it seems that despite the big number of genes in the cell, there seem that most pathology in human seems to coalesce in just a few abnormalities ultimately.  Disturbances seem to be mostly
1. In Cholesterol or lipid disturbances
2. which are linked to thyroid or endocrine (hormone) disturbances
3.which are linked to Autoimmune diseases
4,linked to vitamins (D) disturbances
5. and linked to neoplastic phenomena, linked to Glucose derangements
6. and to neurologic and psychiatric disturbances...
The only new phenomena that may be separate but linked is Infection because indeed Infection involves a foreign body looking in!  And fight against infection seems to follow cellular pathways which depend of the nature of the infectious agent...with Viral infections involving the mitochondrial process more than bacterial infection...

Yes indeed, we see for example that a patient may have an elevated white blood cell could have an infection, but in most cases, it is an autoimmune disease, usually associated to a thyroid dysfuction and a depressive or anxiety component.

Now this notion that Prostate cancer recurrence may be associated with dyslipidemia...
or that polycystic kidney disease be accompanied by depression.

Disturbances in anexins and other supportive structures are somewhat hidden but their importance remains in full force...Now I can see why so many genes are somewhat or definitively much is left un attended to.   My day to day is globally busy with the few genes that I still have my finger up ready to point!  Even when I see the NF1 gene and many growth gene dancing with the BRAC gene...and that triple negative breast cancer in some race is dancing with autoimmune disease that affect the skin (psoriasis)!
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