Monday, February 15, 2016

Life Mysteries

Before you read this, take a moment to reflect about life as it is a mystery
Mystery in its being, extent, dimensions and even purpose ...The truth is in every which way
you look at it...the mystery of life goes on.
I was thinking about planets ...what is their purpose, are they "alive", why are they so many, do they still have some form life that we cannot define.
The distance to the sun, the distance between the planet, how far is "Pegasus" and the planets of Orion or Sirius etc...all this is measured in dimensions that are difficult to comprehend.  One thing is for sure, many have agreed that we are under the influence of the moon.  That our mood swings with it, that our ocean's wind changes with there a message we are unable to understand...Is there a "pulse" to earth or other planets.   We know something wakes up Volcanoes or earth quakes but we still don't know what (and how to predict) earth a living being?
One thing for sure not only we do not pay attention enough to things around us (It took me over 50 years to start my interest in the stars) but also the secrets or mysteries of life is kept by many things including our lifespan.   When we look at life at planet level, 100 years is meaningless...we die before we can actually learn enough...even the batteries on the hubble Telescope last may be 30 years...They will die before we discover more...our best minds such as Einstein perished before greater revelations were made.  The mystery is preserved because a continuum is broken each time a researcher dies!
Are we not replacing our researchers?  yes we are but do they have the same fervor and caliber...that we can debate...the same goes when we look into genes,  researchers drop the ball sometime when they reach world recognition ...they sometimes just waste away...because of their age may be ...and the truth remains hidden....We have to keep on going...more mysteries await...
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