Friday, March 11, 2016

Views on Colon Cancer Prevention

The frequency of occurrence of Colorectal Cancers is attracting the attention of Researchers
It seems though that the occurrence of Cancer in the Colon seems to be linked
to an inflammatory process that get out of hands.   A Cytokine storm seems to be involved
in the process.   The proof is there.   Most anti-inflammation medications seems to reduce the frequency of cancer occurrence (Aspirin, in the latest study).
should we monitor the NFkB gene pathway and amplification in colon cancer
we should surmise that error in early diagnosis of certain inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) leads to Colon cancers.    Meaning that improvement into the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel diseases would reduce the frequency of this cancer.
should a CRP (C-Reactive Protein) be included in the screening of Colorectal cancers
should increase of IL4 help in prevention of colon cancer  (stimulation of CD124)
also follow TRAF genes and IKKs

In a way should we inject high dose of IL4 to prevent Colorectal cancers?
Is partial Colectomy at 50 a viable prevention mechanism for Colorectal cancer? (how about in those with family hx or elevated CRP with IBD)

"The benefit of Aspirin as a secondary prophylaxis in patients with resected Colorectal cancers appears to be linked to the presence of PIK3CA mutations (Liao)"
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