Monday, April 11, 2016

Dark matter

one controversial matter in astro-physics is the existence of dark matter
but when you think about it, it seems to me that the existence of dark matter is evident
as there is a "no" for a "yes".   Evidences accumulate that increasingly well known phenomena may be explained by the existence of dark matter.   For those in the extreme, the moon circling around the earth is linked to the existence of "waves" of dark matter.   Any circling body around the sun may be driven by dark matter to not fall out. That force of attraction toward the earth center (pesanteur) is govern by dark matter.   one other not well publish fact is the center oriented fact when a light goes out in a dark room, luminosity goes out from periphery to the center (and never the other way) as dark matter moves in....The moon influence the oceans through activity of dark matter...For some the strength of dark matter is concentrated and represented by "Black holes" in Cosmos (while the force of "white matters" is represented by motion driven organisms...At the center of this line of two extremes are motion mess living such as trees...some wonder if rocks are also "living" in a philosophical way.

I come to think of it, if the rock was "living", it may make sense that there are so much rocks into the planets...
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