Thursday, April 14, 2016

We are Published!

In the Journal of Oncoimmunology
the article was submitted in Sept 2015
and peer reviewed in December 2015 when it was also Accepted
will be published under "original study"

"Serum MDM2 and Anti-c-MYC autoantibodies as Bio-markers in the early detection of Lung Cancer"
with DR Kankonde, and DR Zhang from UTEP
this will launch CRBCM as Center of genetic research!
The study was completed in established cancer patients
we need to run a similar study in smokers!
the challenge is on!

We cannot thank enough those who have made this research possible
1.MD Honors/World ONE London/UK,which provided initial fund
2.Tissue Bank, University of Virginia,Lung Cancer  Biospecimen Network!
3.Review Board at University of Texas at  El Paso
and DR Zhang team and in China DR Bao-Fa YU

Thank you a all lot!
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