Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Options in Renal cell cancer treatment

First Line Metastatic disease:

2.followed by Nexavar in those who cannot tolerate Sutent
3.Sutent 50   has been equivalent to Lapatinib 800 daily
Other first line Bevacizumab +/- Interferon
But if you consider Bevacizumab think of combining to Alezolizumab (there is Synergy)
4.Other 2nd line:

4.a.  Everolimus

Cabozantinib has been compared to Everolimus
there was a 33 % reduction of dying with Cabozantinib

4.c. Other alternative in 2nd option is Nivolumab which has risen to standard second line after Sutent
Nivolumab has been found superior to Everolimus

4.d  Levantinib
which has been sometime conbined to Everolimus
this combination has been superior to to each drug used separately.

4.e future trial Nivolumab +  Ipilimumab

4.f.  Axitinib
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