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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Building an Electronic Cancer Cell is a necessity

Natural death of cancer cells is the path to cure.
Experience of chemotherapy has shown that a blind and random attack of cancer cells is ineffective at assuring the death of cancer at a 100% curative rate. We believe that this is mostly due to the fact that chemotherapy most of the time does not inflict enough damage to the cell to lead to self destruction or Apoptosis. We believe that certain changes to the cell caused by chemotherapy could work counter the intended effect. This the basis of the trust in target therapy.
Now let us not approach Target therapy the same way we did for chemotherapy.  Target therapy has proven to work, no doubt about it. We need now to organize coordinated attacks on the cancer cells.  We know that Cancer cells' life processes seem to be organized in cascade, redundancy and escape mechanisms, but in a logical way. With one event following another.  This is why Target therapy works by cutting off or promoting upstream events in the cascade.The thing is that cells have downstream escape mechanisms, therefore that mechanism needs also to be struck down in a staged or coordinated attack.

We believe that the construction of an electronic model of a cell will help us identify gaps in the cascade of molecular events, and help identify critical new targets to go after, once these gaps are filled.
Some of the current targets
1. Adhesion Molecules
2. Cell membrane receptors
3. Signal transduction pathways
4. Transcription genes
5. Histones and promoter genes
6. Mitochondrial/ribosomes Metabolism disruption
7. Nuclear genetic material
8. Gene repair and mismatch repair mechanism
This list is not exhaustive, therefore the potential for investigation appears endless.