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Thursday, February 28, 2013


The foundation has been deemed a NON Government body by the District Attorney.
A senator had requested that files from the CPRIT Foundation be opened under Disclosure rules and the Foundation had refused to comply, claiming it was a non government institution because of its private funding source.  The district Attorney was asked to rule on the matter.  Now she has ruled for the foundation.
Reportedly, the Senator has not given up and has requested the Senate make the foundation a Government institution.  We at CRBCM are just watching the power play.  These games will just delay the fight for the CURE (if any).  Meanwhile budget discussion for new funding for CPRIT was once again by-passed, and the remaining 183 Million $ are still frozen.  There is a growing concern about the future of CPRIT and Health programs are caught in this messy uncertainty!
2 major officials are still waiting to be deposed by investigators while the criminal investigation is ongoing! They reportedly were not heard by the senate because doing so would have given them automatic immunity protections.

The Audit is still ongoing and still discovering new irregularities, with over 300 more funded projects to review, they have their work cut out!