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Thursday, November 29, 2012

CRBCM today: Further evidence of 2nd law of nature

Further evidences of 2nd law of nature/CRBCM

If you compromise Cell divison, the cell will need to be destroyed
one thing is for sure.  DNA Breakage and mistakes or mismatches lead to cell cycle arrest (First law).  What is interesting is that the second law is very much linked to this. Once the repair occurs, a number of peri microtubular reactions need to occur to relieve that arrest and allow continuation of the mitosis.  This is the connection to the second law.
Also as we are further looking into this matter, we are finding further evidence that there is an intricate connection between Microtubule and Mitochondria.   Even the location of Mitochondria is not random and seems linked to the integrity of the filamentous connection.  We are learning about Nuage and Mitochondrial Cement.  The further we look, the more we can now ascertain the existence of the 2nd law.
We are also learning, that not all the antikinesin are the same.  Some are not as important, affecting peripheral molecules, but some involve the location of the "consensus sequence", and may be more important.

We also are learning that Cyclin ubiquitination and therefore destruction could be exacerbated by perimicrotubular disturbances.  Is this the mechanism of bypassing BCL-2 resistance?  More light is needed.

We will let you know what we find at CRBCM.