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Thursday, November 29, 2012

CRBCM today: Further evidence of 2nd law of nature

Further evidences of 2nd law of nature/CRBCM

If you compromise Cell divison, the cell will need to be destroyed
one thing is for sure.  DNA Breakage and mistakes or mismatches lead to cell cycle arrest (First law).  What is interesting is that the second law is very much linked to this. Once the repair occurs, a number of peri microtubular reactions need to occur to relieve that arrest and allow continuation of the mitosis.  This is the connection to the second law.
Also as we are further looking into this matter, we are finding further evidence that there is an intricate connection between Microtubule and Mitochondria.   Even the location of Mitochondria is not random and seems linked to the integrity of the filamentous connection.  We are learning about Nuage and Mitochondrial Cement.  The further we look, the more we can now ascertain the existence of the 2nd law.
We are also learning, that not all the antikinesin are the same.  Some are not as important, affecting peripheral molecules, but some involve the location of the "consensus sequence", and may be more important.

We also are learning that Cyclin ubiquitination and therefore destruction could be exacerbated by perimicrotubular disturbances.  Is this the mechanism of bypassing BCL-2 resistance?  More light is needed.

We will let you know what we find at CRBCM.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


At CRBCM we believe that CPRIT is our necessary path to Victory over Cancer.
We also know we will not get its help this time around, not because we do not deserve the help but frankly because it is distracted.  Science is an objective thing.  It is a race.  You have the right move, the right stuff, you win, no matter where you come from.  It is the Olympics without steroids.

We at CRBCM have understood one thing, in the race for the cure, harnessing the force and laws of nature has an unparalleled advantage.  Forcing a cell to die can be done by telling and convincing it to die. Or blasting it and crossing our fingers and hoping it will die.  Chemotherapy did this mostly the second way but its success was partial.  Chemotherapy only works when it manages to finally talk the language.  Indeed, some chemotherapy manages to reach the syllables of the cellular language of death.

Sorting through the maze of messages, 2 powerful set of syllables come out:

1.  That if it fails to repair broken DNA and therefore does not perform GENE REPAIR, this fact will automatically activate your P53 leading to an automatic stop of the cell into its cycle division.  There is no loophole to this principle unless the P53 is abnormal.   Knowing this is powerful.  Now we understand why Cisplatin (and to some extent Gemcitabine)  is a powerful drug because it disrupts the DNA structure.  We also understand that cells with rapid repair of DNA, will brush it off, literally.

2.with further proof of principle, we believe that there is a second automatic message or syllables.
Destruction of Microfilaments (and therefore secondarily Microtubules in general) during cell division, leads to an automatic release of Caspase from the Mitochondria no matter what (and this is what includes the BCL-2 protection). It is in this law that resides the strength of Taxanes.  Medication that works even in resistant diseases such as Melanoma where Abraxane has a role.  Taxanes' limitations appear to be in the type of microtubules attacked. Medication that attacks Microfilament of the type involved in cell divison, where the Centromere is attached, appears to send a more determinant trigger to Caspase release.  This is where our interest comes in the Anti-kinesin.  We believe and predict that an effective anti-kinesin drug in combination with Taxane and Cisplatin/gemzar based combination, will harness best this law.  They will prove to be effective in cure because they will be effective in both treatment and maintenance settings.  This is also why the combination of Gemzar and Taxol has proven to be the strongest non platinum combination.

Following this principle, we believe now at CRBCM, that target therapy not following the laws of nature will have only 20-30% response rate, meaning effective in only the cells that lack loophole mechanisms.  (this also means because of phenotype heterogeneity, 70-85% of cells have potentially intrinsic loophole to any signal transduction target stimulation or blockage).

Lets keep our eyes on the ball, do not invest in stuff they are throwing at you!  More to come...