Wednesday, September 10, 2014

life in a nutshell

Without further details, and in general
from the time we are born, one seem to cross 4-5 critical phases
first phase:
1.  After conception, there seems to be priority to cellular Multiplication, and as the fetus is being formed, cellular multiplication will be the preponderant direction of metabolic and physiologic reactions.   These metabolic reactions will be limited by rules of differentiation and location of cell in developing tissue.   It seems that gene silencing by methylation or otherwise (shutting down of Histone-DNA  modulation, or miRNA amplification) will be a driving forces in many location...
Self recognition will be one of the many driving forces marking this period as the Fetus expand...HLA A, B

2. As we are born, HLA C & D will go to play
As defense mechanisms mature against foreign bodies and organisms, there is a parallel growth and maturation of tissues started after conception. And early organs particularly of the endocrine origin start and expand production and activities, shaping further the new "man".  This burst of life will continue into the adolescence

3.Then come "the sexual revolution" as the organisms prepare to make new "man" and leave legacy.  The burst of sexual hormones appears one of the most important stage of life as reproductive life will have a deep effect of our HLA C, D.  Particularly in women, Estrogen will while expanding sexual organs, will shut down rejection of a potential baby who may be "foreign" (carrying partial natural father genes) to the woman body!
HLA A, B will see themselves dampened,  At gene level, significant disturbance of DNA Modulation and Methylation will be driven from Estrogen.  So much so, this is the time of diagnosis and worsening of Autoimmune diseases (with thyroid dysfunction following)...genes disturbances driven by these Estrogen or sex hormones'effects may include exposure of genetic abnormalities (BRCAs, and in men, the germ cells and other congenital genetic disturbances) and early cancers!   Any one treating Autoimmune diseases, will have the run for their money when following patients in this age range (reproductive stage).

4.Cessation of the reproductive phase is even more dangerous, adding fire to injury. Estrogen cessation or major decrease will have a violent effects on lipids, endothelial cell membranes (made of lipids) and their main components (the various integrins and Cytokines).  Indeed membranes are the storage of these molecules and various membranes will drive death phenomena such as stroke and cardiac events.  Inflammatory processes and ultimately membrane related genes (ie. MUCs ) could lead to neoplastic transformations in many cases!

5.  And as life continues, The cytokines and various integrins will become increasingly important, unleashing muscle deterioration, lipid dysfuction, immune failures,  further drop of hormones, dementia and memory issue that we have to call "phase of senescence".   "consensus" to cell sudden death and "remain dead" justifies sudden death and is a membrane event   (NOTCH)!  (in some case it may involve only the Brain, and of course the Heart!).

to be continued!

The CRBCM...working hard with perspective!


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