Monday, September 22, 2014

So we said!

According to the US Government on Aging (at least seems to suggest)
to have eternal life you have to have or know some of the genes for these functions:
-Gene(s) to avoid unhealthy choices (ie. blocking Glucogen,controlling lipid,MTOR, CRE gene)
-Genes to keep life sparks (hormones,cytokine,physical exercise,what to eat)
-Gene(s) to keep eternal  youth (Telomeres,MTOR)
-Genes to stay spunky (hormone,routines, MTOR
-Genes that keep you fun (Hormones, cytokines)
-Genes to keep magical transformation (rejuvenating) (Cytokines,
-Genes to avoid physical decline (Exercice under cytokine control
-Genes to avoid vulnerability to disease (Flyn,Lyn directions for looking)

let's go find them!
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