Monday, December 29, 2014

Prospective study in cancer Neoplasia

We are at the break of a large prospective study that will test our understanding of neoplastic transformation.  There are obvious facts that the drop of the effect of hormones is followed by the reign of Cytokines which seems to coincide with a rise of cancers in the older population (above 50 years old).  And now we have increasingly companies that propose genes to be screened for cancer predisposition (ie.GeneID, FDA approved).
Putting these facts together,  it seems we are at the beginning of of a large prospective study that will monitor the changes in Cytokines against changes in selected genes and see what cancer will evolve over a 5-10 year period.
Cytokines tend to misbehave in the presence of certain genes (Fos, GSK, certain experiences-see related articles, G proteins -), these would play in the phosphorylation of unwanted genes.   This component must be included in the observation.
One interesting aspect to point out is that while some researchers are focusing on gene alteration detection, others such as professor Zangh at UTEP are focusing on Antibodies created as a result of the neoplastic transformation.  A recent rise in interest of lymphocytic (or activated lymphocytes) behavior in cancer may suggest the "a propos" of this last approach.
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