Thursday, February 18, 2016

And it goes on

With millions of suns in our Gallaxy (the Milky way )chances are there could be
a earth like life comparable to ours.   But given the randomness of Circumstances that need to be met for our existence, the chance of finding other human beings remains remote.
Water, Oxygen and right composition of Oxygen based gazes need  to be gathered to lead to us like beings.
and why Dinosaurs did not return after the earth return to life,
because evolution occurs one way or the other given the circumstances?
So imagine one particular planet where Helium was the predominant gas,  the organism that will grow if any, may be the yellow man or green man that may result...or is it another dinosaur that will not survive even if we meet!   now come the question, should we meet at all?
I keep looking for now into Orion!

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