Monday, February 29, 2016

In life, All go in pathways

If you understands that life is hidden in pathways, you know half of the truth...and yes if you can touch A and B you may finally reach C and later on Z.   The price is really how much perspicacity you intend to put up....and how much surprises you intend to unveil!
The Brain is hidden in the skull, and lives of Oxygen and sugar (no transformation of fat here if any).  Therefore gene that intervene in Oxygenation and de-Oxygenation are critical.  A  little known gene called IDH-1 gene is important!
"The protein encoded by this gene is the NADP+-dependent isocitrate .... "Role of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1/2 (IDH 1/2) gene mutations in human tumors"."  wikipedia

This gene most found with the Mitochondria and probably the protosome intervene in the detoxification of the cell.  But why is this gene important in the all scheme of Brain cancer and leukemia.  The point is to ultimately find the connection of this gene with how much it is linked to expression of genes.  Indeed remember many gene messages are hidden by methylation.Well methylation is a phenomenon that is very NADP like or dependent phenomenon.   Therefore Methylation of genes within the Brain cell is very affected by IDH-1 gene mutation.   IDH-1 will involve Cytosine based molecules such as TET gene, the initiation point of Methylation/de-Methylation of genes...Just imagine if this happen in a Telomere (which affect aging)...the cell all of the sudden will have its   aging changed or tempered with.   This is happening in both Leukemia and Brain cancer...and may be certain Sarcomas.

Life is a continuum...Starting from particle before the atoms, How this is linked to planets and into the Universe remains a question that goes deep into the truth of life!

Temodar and 5 AZAcitidine works in these diseases...proof in the pudding....
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