Monday, October 22, 2012

The CRBCM Team in Action

Questionnaires handed out

Interested visitors eager to fill out the survey

Concentrated on the surveys

Health is a Family Affair
At our Breast Cancer Awareness Booth in the PINKED OUT Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso, we had over 175 visitors signing in and 45 visitors filled out 4 surveys each, totalling 180 surveys in just a few hours! (NB: we run out of surveys and had to run a reprint at 11am and 3pm)

The first feed-back from the surveys shows that :
13 visitors need and want more information in general
3 Visitors want to volunteer with the CRBCM
1 Visitor wants to be trained to teach activities at the CRBCM
1 Visitor wants to become a Navigator for patients
1 Visitor and Survivor wants to teach Lymphedema classes

Participants with a special interest in several health topics signed up for follow-up contact regarding:
5 x Diet
4 x Physical Exercise
7 x Nutrition
4 x Weight Control
4 x Stress Management
5 x Breast Cancer
1 x Uterine Cancer
1 x Cervical Cancer
1 x Prostate Cancer
1 x Lung Cancer
1 x Anemia
2 x Smoking Cessation

Now we know what we need to do!

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