Tuesday, October 23, 2012

We believe in the cure for Cancer:

People talk about a cure and skeptics balk!
But the cure is possible and actually exists already in every survivor who had a remote history of cancer.
Remember this, a cancer cell is full of messages encrypted in chemical messages when to grow, when to start aging and when to die.  Yes cancer cells have an internal message when to start apoptosis (self destruction).
It means you could tell it to start apoptosis and kill itself.  Our challenge is to know how to speak to a cell.
Research are starting to learn that language in what is now known as Target Therapy.  Cancer treatment is now becoming a Piano tune.  if you hit the right keys in a song and the cancer cell get it, it will find its way to self destruction.  We are at the early stage of this music, still learning it.  Hitting this key here and seeing what happens.  We are finding out that even tough cancers such as Melanoma, if you hit the BRAF key, things start happening.  In some lung cancers, if you hit the EGFR key, you start getting somewhere.  It is just a matter of time before we start asking to a cell, now time for an increase in BAX or Caspases, and self destruct.  The cell has some redundancy and networking to complicate the road to self destruction, but we still believe that with the right tune, cancer cells will dance to self destruction, and yes cure is within our reach!
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