Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Networking at the CPRIT Annual Conference Austin

It is greatly inspiring and encouraging to meet and speak with current grant recipients, whether in the field of pure research, prevention or intervention. Our various hypothesis seem well aligned with findings in other cities in Texas. I have the impression that thanks to CPRIT, never before was a 'minority' population so well and intensely studied and paid attention to through outreach programs: a totally new health care model may be derived from these experiences! As a consequence of the extremely positive reaction of the target population and their adherence to interventions such as screenings, exercise programs and classes in nutrition and diet, some research programs had to refuse access, being overwhelmed by the number of people wanting to participate in their healthy lifestyle program - isn't that living proof, once again, that education and customized health care will make an individual want to live more healthy and take better care of him or herself!
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