Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Keep it alive! 3 steps ahead...

No need to create a new Hospital
no need to create a new cancer center
but transform a wing of a old hospital in a cancer treatment wing
because it is not the shape and blings that makes a cancer center
but what the mission of the wing remains
and how good they accomplish the mission
the need is there, and progress could be achieved
and with each step we make, particularly with Target therapy,
more can be accomplished....
Our eyes have risen,  the challenge is being met,
and with every day new discovery,  the walk to cancer cure is becoming
increasingly possible...the fight is complex, but the devil is in the details,
because it is not enough to predict the behavior of a cell, because believe me it is going to react to
our attempts, but it is to think before it reacts, and plan ahead of it, 3 steps ahead...
It is easy said then done because of gene heterozygosity, and because of our inefficiency to control intersecting interactions with other genes or surrounding molecules....but let keep saying that within the walls of that new wing will be practiced only medicine of tomorrow!
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