Tuesday, June 17, 2014

some genes to watch through careful trials!

(CLCN7(defectictive resorption of immature bones), interacts with MITF which in turn interacts with LEF1, the same LEF1 that needs to stay in balance with the Catenins, and therefore the WNT.

TCIRGI,  with the evolving role of Immune intervention against cancer, this gene belong to the family of genes to watch,
could have molecular component containing a V-ATPase important in  T cell activation, how this is involved with initiation of NFAT pathways should be further investigated.  Cellular acidification and initiation of Vacuolization is involved. Then it has family member containing TIRC7, an immunomodulator by excellence how this is involved with TBI (traumatic brain injury) through IL 10 could be investigated...

to the rescue comes wikipidea : "
"TIRC7 is a membrane protein induced after immune activation[2] on the cell surface of certain peripheral human T and B cells as well as monocytes and IL-10 expressing regulatory T cells. During immune activation, TIRC7 is co-localized with the T cell receptor and CTLA4 within the immune synapse of human T cells[5][6] At the protein and mRNA level, its expression is induced in lymphocytes in synovial tissues obtained from patients with rheumatoid arthritis[7][8] or during rejection of solid organ transplants[9][10][11] and bone marrow transplantation[12] as well as in brain tissues obtained from patients with multiple sclerosis."

If you don't see an important biomarker-look again...This one has both sensitivity and therapeutic intervention opportunity.  Wonder if this is the stuff involoved with HUMIRA, (Adalimumab) a TNF inhibiting anti-inflammatory drug...Also Osteopetrose is involved here!  Humm......Enbrel and Remicade may not be far...How about chloroquine?

 SOSTalso linked to Osteopetrose
but what this has to do if anything with sclerosis in general, Bleomycin induced sclerosis of the lung, or defect of the Skull seen in Myeloma, the WNT is not very far once again!

TGFB1 and
 C/EBPα and
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