Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Je disais que: DCK gene: lack of this gene protect most dangerous cancers!

An important pathway is what actually matter, has clinical relevance and plays an important role. In Cancers, what may impact clinical outcome of patients matter!  And here come the DCK gene!
it involves some of the most resistant diseases: Hepatoma and Myelo-lymphoproliferative disorders
if you know it (the DCK gene) is not there, the disease is critically resistant!
we got to make sure it is there!   And for that its promoter better be stimulated!
"both Sp1 and USF1 stimulated dCK promoter"(Yubin et al)
To make sure the things get complicated, the role of Sp1 must be twisted"
and keep on twisting it until human comprehension is lost: "Combined Sp1 and USF1 showed additive transactivation at lower concentrations of Sp1. Sp1 was inhibitory at higher levels. Stimulation by combined USF1/USF2a with Sp1 was similar to that for USF1 alone with Sp1, whereas transactivation by Sp1 and USF2a without USF1 was synergistic." (Yubin et al)  So you have to have just the Sp1 needed!(so let remove the SP1 at the right dose and Mutation of the Sp1 is not good for this very reason!

but stay on the ball:"Deficiency of DCK is associated with resistance to antiviral and anticancer chemotherapeutic agents." wikipedia...  so avoid the deficiency but don't give it Intravenously either or should you!

Could ARA-C (high dose) and Gemzar combination add control of resistant disease
or should Cisplatin (OXALIPLATIN, A sexier option) be added to the dance?
should depletion of DCK be more followed as a Biomarker?
SHOULD THEREFORE DCK GENE BE MORE RELIABLE IN DISEASE WHERE THE NF-kB IS AMPLIFIED SUCH AS THE GASTRIC CANCERS OF THE WORLD! In other words? should drug activity or resistance be correlated with DCK expression?  (This remind me of our association of Triple negative Breast cancers with CASEIN the powerful phosphorylator!) does the triple negative cancer resistance has something to do with DCK gene?
" The phosphorylation of CdA in crude extracts showed a close correlation to the dCK polypeptide level."spasokoukotskaja et al!   Giving us a way to measure this!


What are the Cytokines expressing the level of DNA integrity. ( DCK determine DNA integrity)
When the integrity of the gene is not preserved, do the cytokines trigger programmed death, is it through the Death Receptors?
In Sarcoma, can TK2 and DGK BE legitimate Target, what are these last gene have to do with the MTOR and life span?  Is there such thing as tagging phosphorylation to determine where it has to go? or is phosphorylation just random?
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