Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thoughts about a Novel approach to cancer treatment

With the success of PDL-1/PD-1 and the suspicion that cancer cells build mechanisms to escape natural immunity from inducing Apoptosis at onset, one is excited to try and restore the avoided mechanisms and see if re-injected cancer cells that have been through plasmid treatments as applied by nobel price winner Yamanaka,  the piggyBac  tranposon system  (wikipedia) applied  by other, and miRna guided amplification of specifically suppressed genes in cancer.
  The restoration could also involve prominent mutation genes known to be suppressed such as PTEN  and E-Cadherins in specific cancer cells cells prior to re-infusion.   By restoring these levelsi in cancer cells that have been extracted from patients , Once re-infused, one wonder if this will trigger a response that will extend to unaltered cancer cells in the body.   The genes must be relevant and should consider restoration of the HLA-1-type automatic reaction.   (or re-stimulating Death Receptor) ...some refinement now needed!

CRBCM, always coming up with new line of attacks against cancers!
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