Wednesday, August 13, 2014


From ASCO,
for Extensive disease, CISPLATIN -  Etoposide has become standard of care
but in Bulky Mediastinal disease, new study propose Radiation after the 4 cycles of chemotherapy

wonder if concurrent chemotherapy radiation will ultimately be better as known in NSCL?

PCI now known for Limited stage small cell, seems good for Extensive stage also?  yes expert says now!  Go figure.  All for a PCI that do not prolong survival?

In Pancreatic Cancer,

adding Ruxolitinib (Anti-JAK1,2) to Xeloda will increase response rate!   Hummm.....JAK1,2.....
Samstein et al " Foxp3 is induced during thymic differentiation or upon activation of peripheral CD4+ T cells in response to T cell receptor (TCR) stimulation in combination with several other signals, including IL-2 and TGF-β. Furthermore, forced expression of Foxp3 confers suppressor function to Treg precursor cells, and Foxp3 ablation in mature Treg cells results in loss of lineage identity and immunosuppressive phenotype (Fontenot et al., 2003; Williams and Rudensky, 2007). However, an understanding of how Foxp3 coordinates the differentiation of Treg cells and their distinct suppression program is lacking."

Or is it the RUNX?

NO they say it is STAT3!   The activator of Cahexia,   If you amplify STAT3, you lose weight?  That's should be on demande everywhere!But be careful it waste muscle and probably not the fat (a composition of tissue issue!)
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