Friday, November 23, 2012

CRBCM /Greater East Cancer Center.

Nice to stay busy with some new patients, thanks to you referring Doctors.
But time to go back to Houston to complete other contractual field work agreements,  and gather further resources which will allow us to live another day! When you are a Coalition, expect long fights and anything that allows you to go the distance needs full and careful completion.  Some, because of their circumstances, born with Silver Spoon, get an easy ride.  Some of us rise slowly and surely when circumstances are right! Some leaders get there easy, some leaders are born because life circumstances place them there...No matter how you get there, making a difference is what counts!  But you got to live another day!  Something is putting me back in Houston for 1 month, I got to go there and find it or find why!

As promised in my recent Blog, we are still looking into use of Inhibitors of Ion Pumps in membranes to kill cancer cells.  We know that in Cholera, a similar disruption kills the host.  Cells must also be susceptible.  We also spoke of using the opportunity  offered by cell cycle check points as a place for intervention.  Our work is cut out.  We will submit our comments on this while in Houston.  In the last word on Lysosome, the proton pump was discussed. PLEASE READ IT, WE WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS!
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