Sunday, November 25, 2012

Googlish misadventures...

Life at CRBCM

Big money did it again,
trying to steal by corrupting search engines,
frankly it is frustrating, and Google has been bought...
This morning I woke up trying to look up Adriamycin on google
I got Neulasta, went to the next item on the list, I got Votrien.
I understand that people need to push new medications, but corrupting search engines is not the way.
Now I am upset against Google which must have been paid to allow such a thing
and I am upset against the drug companies which are trying to make it hard for me to use Google as a search engine.
There are in life things you don't do even if you can afford them,
one of them is to assume people are imbeciles and you can just twist their mind
and Big money has a way to try politics where it does not belong.
If you are smart, remember the word BACKFIRE when you are making your plan next time!
If Google goes this way, we need another search engine!
Did not plan to start this way my day!
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