Thursday, November 22, 2012

Reflections at the CRBCM

Rubric -Reflections at CRBCM,
Value of the truth...

One of the things I learned quickly in life is NOT TO LIE NO MATTER WHAT.
I grew up at my older brother's house who paid for everything in my life since my father became incapacitated from a stroke.  My brother was a lawyer. Lying to him was hard. debunking lies was a profession for him.
"Trying to lie to me is the last crime I can tolerate because it is equivalent to telling me I am an IMBECILE,"
and you did not want to be on the the bad side of that table.

On our recent blog we spoke of how important it is to stay truthful because the sanity of our conscience depends on it.  We suggested that because the truth always wins, our life needs to be wrapped in it to stand the test of time.  We went on to suggest that because the truth can be slow to surface, we need to stick to it because when it does surface, we could control the outcome of the argument being made.

Critics of our theme did not wait to point to many weaknesses of the "truth".  one of the major argument is that the TRUTH CAN BE WRONG.  It can easily be non properly used, it can be bent and easily suppressed long enough to become irrelevant. It can be obfuscated to oblivion!

But no matter the cynical argument, no matter the fact that people have gotten away with perjury, just fear the moment when people realize you are a phony.  That at the end of the day you deserve what comes to you. That you have been pulling their legs all along.  You will feel the pain of a traitor and the ire of those you deceive. You will be watching your back!

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