Saturday, July 26, 2014

Freedom of Information worked one more time!

The revelation that Dabigatran (Pradaxa) level should be monitored to reduce bleeding risk
has shaken the medical community.   greed has once again obfuscated the truth.  The makers of the drug
have hidden the solemn truth, you got to keep a level per Crystal Phend: "Boehringer Ingelheim determined that keeping plasma levels within the optimal 40-to-200 ng/mL range could cut bleeding risk by up to 20% compared with unadjusted use and by 40% compared with well-controlled warfarin (Coumadin) without sacrificing effectiveness in cutting risk of ischemic stroke in atrial fibrillation."

This is just disappointing that once again, greed may have won over patient safety!  Someone please come to me with proof to the contrary before I protest vigorously!
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