Sunday, July 20, 2014

PDL-1 Inhibitors, the WOW of the moment!

Beside starting the neoplastic process which involves rapid uncontrolled multiplication through installing transcription factors and related machinery to multiply genetic cancer materials and set the stage to metastasis, science has unveiled a critical point that favor the unedited expression of solid Neoplasms:   the PDL1 or CD274.
Indeed during the neoplastic transformation, the cell undergoes several molecular transformations that changes drastically molecular membranes sufficiently to trigger autoimmunity our natural protector against cancer development.   It is therefore painstakingly that all successful cancers will take control of this Cluster of differentiation 274 to escape or block autoimmunity.
The importance of PDL1 is critical when you look at the downstream pathway of this molecule:
1.  It has control on the IL-2 production, the same IL-2 which in high dose CURES renal cancer!
By stopping or mitigating IL-2, this PDL-1 removes this outcome for cancers....
2. It impacts BCL-2, the gene that allow cells to escape sensitivity to many chemotherapy by ultimately blocking caspases'stimulation mainly at Mitochondrial level.
3. It decrease stimulation of the NF-kB and the AP-1 subsequently, basically reducing abnormal noises that could trigger the immune response to wake-up!

With the Ibrutinib receptor for hematologic Malignancies, PDL-1 is at this time the most prominent find in solid tumor to date.  And soon, no chemotherapy may be given without it in solid tumor.  It is the Velcade of the Multiple Myeloma.
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