Monday, July 28, 2014

Medicine of the future!

Medicine of the future

The way we see it, in the near future, 3 main factors will determine what will be driving medicine in the future.
1.The patient genome which determine the patient potential to survive and cope with his environment.
2.Presence in that genome of favorable Heterogeneic  Alleles or genes to both treatment and environmental stimulants.
3.more powerful computers to process various integrals of gene, receptors,and cytokines patterns.  This suppose detectors of thin nuances in molecular behaviors at cellular and nano-molecular levels.  Yes we know the main pathways and probably several secondary pathways of significance, but our ability to interpret, quantify, and draw meaningful conclusions, is still preliminary and at the dawn of what will be medicine of tomorrow (ie. the change of various membrane receptors when a neoplastic process is engaged in a cell.)   We have yet to define clear bio-markers for most diseases and of life determinants in general.   We are still linking the fact that we survive to what our neighbors and boss do, our work environment, what we drink is sweet or not, when the cell, where life is really determined sees everything as a chemical stimulant!

Other secondary factors:

1-known new target therapies
2-Telomere status
3-new chemicals created by our "smart" engineers
4-potential new pathogens and how they will enter the frey of our world

Each step of cellular gene and metabolism will need to be carefully studied and perfectly understood to reach the medicine of the future.

example of a visit in the future:

Mrs Freddy comes to DR Pizzazz complaining of headache.  She gives him a chip containing all her genes.
The chip is introduced in a smart computer and with a sample of blood, the computer tells the DR that indeed the migraine came from an undetected Vasculitis based on these facts (ie.pattern of the patient cytokines, gene amplifications and ....), and that Prednisone would be dangerous for this lady because of the presence of a close by Receptor gene that may induce an irreversible chemical disturbance of membrane lipids and that Aleve would be best in this case.  And by the way there is a secondary gene that will accelerate destruction of Telomeres'tails....and so on....!

This is the kind of Medicine we are aiming at....and all we don't know to reach there is a GAP TO FILL!
CRBCM advancing in the current darkness with a clear vision...
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