Saturday, November 30, 2013

Call for a National Cytokine Bank!

If anything has be to learned from the Traumatic Brain Injury experience, it is that the area of destruction initiated by a trauma event continue to expand over time because of secondary biological events happening after the injury has been incurred.  The events post trauma have such an importance that they actually trumpet the initial event because they are not only local (secondary brain edema can lead to seizures) but also distant ( cytokines and chemokines released will affect distant receptor in the hippocampus, globus pallidus, substantia Nigra. purkinje cells etc..) leading to what we know as part of  POST Traumatic Stress disorders (PTSD).

In Melanoma, this dangerous disease, the MCP-1 has been characterized and the importance of Interferon as therapeutic intervention has been clearly demonstrated, yet our interest in cytokines remains fragmentary at best!

We have tissue Banks mostly prompted by interest in racial disparities, but to this day cytokine disparities has not been fully exploited in therapeutic interventions.  We have plasma centers but no Cytokine centers!
The advent of treatment at target level calls for a National Cytokine Center

DR Kankonde
Director El Paso II Plasma center!
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