Thursday, November 28, 2013


There is no one Cure.  There are many cures.  Indeed there is no one Breast cancer but many breast Cancers since there many underlying mechanisms leading to a syndrome that we can call Breast cancer.  And with each underlying pathology comes a different cure!  With 25,000 genes interacting with one another, the probabilities are endless.  There are mechanisms that are more frequent and every scientist is working hard to find one overwhelming solutions but do not be discourage, pick one lead and you are bound to be nominated for something, so don't be distracted by big wasteful institutions.  Just work hard in your corner and achieve a cure of your own!  And there are plenty opportunities!

Take the c-Myc, a master in genetic proliferation, soon you find out he needs Max to work.  Talk, interfere, and hinder Max and see what happen in those diseases where c-Myc is a driver mutation.  Blocking obligatory chaperon, blocking pathways, knocking promoter genes or their activators, silencing supporting genes, are just a few example to reach the various cures!  Increasing cellular differentiation, or activating senescence seems to dampen neoplastic transformation leading to some "cure" state.  In short opportunities abound when it come to discovering a cure.  This is why the Bickering is purposeless for those engaged in the real search!  Be a big MAN AND LEAVE CRBCM ALONE ABOVE ALL!  GO FIND A CURE TO PROPOSE INSTEAD!
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