Tuesday, November 26, 2013

crbcm is coming to age

I tell my children that one of the things that make us adult is the confrontation by legal challenges.
It is a sign of a successful maturity to be blindsided by eager vandals who envy your performances and will trigger calls for lawsuits.  The CRBCM has used references, published facts that exist and come to us by e-mails and other venues. All we have done is bring to our reviewers material that exists, some time unedited to show we are not in the business of making up these reported facts.  In some malevolent brains, it is time to complain.  We will modify our reports to be more of a commentary now to curtail these vicious attacks.  One thing for sure, we are on the right path, and our fight is just, and threatening to bandits!  Whatever result from these attacks will not stop progress at CBCM!
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