Friday, November 22, 2013


We learned that the last member to the Oversight Committee has been appointed.  A lawyer with strong background with cancer research through his father.  Reportedly, his own brother and father died of cancer.  We wish him well and will look forward to his contribution to an unbiased fight for the cure.
CPRIT was created for all Texans but university and political folks in Houston, Austin and the third university city/DALLAS... (EL Paso was passed over and deliberately ignored!)
had successfully highjacked the process.  Greed did not stop, in fighting resulted leading to revelation of misconducts which till today remain unpunished. Heads did roll because that was inevitable.  New heads are in but the game remains intact, at least we believe.  The escamotage of the original purpose of this organization which was to find the cure to cancers, by the game to take public funds by influential institutions has been deplored!  But we fear that the new CPRIT will struggle to look fair but achieve the same.
There is no bad deed that remain unpunished until someone, somewhere feel the need to lead toward a sane CPRIT!
We can only pray to God now that this will be the case, or save us for another crisis!  The boys are out lining their games because there is money to be gained !
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