Saturday, November 30, 2013

RANDOM NEWS (from various journals)

1. In Bladder cancer, papillary type, STAG2 Mutation claimed to announce a low risk disease (low rates of node involvement)
Cohesin subunit SA-2.  STAG2.

2 Zometa preferred in Myeloma 
3.Lenalidomide proves effective in Mantle cell, a study suggests!
4. don't forget to test patient with Metastatic Melanoma for BRAF Mutation, and recommend Dabrafenib!
5. Interesting that study by Julian Prell where D Dimer level of greater than 2mg/L predicted higher risk of DVT post surgeries (craniotomies).
6.Intereting that proposed case of Cancer Related Retinopathy treated with Rituximab!
7.How many genes should be looked at in each disease to plan individulized therapeutic intervention?
8.T-DM1 maintains its reputation in Her-2 positive Breast cancer!
9.Cediranib, and Trebananib being tested in Ovarian cancers!
10. Still rising interest on Ramucirumab in advanced Gastric  cancers, FDA still to render its judgement!
11.Alectinib, in refractory Alk positive NSCLC post Crizotinib (ASCO), interesting report!
12 Agree !  who really uses FEC in the Neoadjuvant setting in the US?   why is it that these studies are done knowing well they deviate from community practices?
 13. People continue to use widely Finasteride in Prostate cancer prevention, where is the panel concern that those who were treated with these drugs, develop bad diseases if the prevention fails!
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