Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Diet is important in cancer control:(case in point, Breast cancers!)

I knew this from the Bottom of my heart but pinning the genetic reason was here before me and I just did not see it.  Supply of sugar will ultimately increase Insulin which will increase the demand for Insulin receptor which in cancer is a bad actor.  The increase in Insulin receptor will interact with major genes that affect cancer.  First it affect the JAK /STAT pathways, which leads to Proliferation, second it affects the Gerb gene family which is a "wild" gene, meaning a gene just connected to too many others that will be influenced.  But one of the aspect mostly forgotten by survivors, is the receptor connection to the PTPN11.  A gene that has many links but one particular link is its relation with LAIR1, " is a protein forming a receptor found in the plasma membrane of cells involved in receptor-mediated endocytosis. In humans, the LRP1 protein is encoded by the LRP1 gene.[wikipedia

Involvement of this LAIR1 is bad for you if it leads to consumption of Thrombospondin-1(THBS1 ) which help the cell grow its feet for walking away and metastasizing (Breast cancer has done done quite a bit!  Through the interaction with PGDFR, this pathway will affect even blood clots (destruction of Caveolin) possibly inducing clot to move away and cause strokes and Myocardial infarction (science here is still growing). Drop of Thrombospondin is a major event involving CD38, and certain Integrins (be very careful which! ) and release of Metallo-proteases.  It is amazing that we do not monitor THBS1 today since its drop marks Metastatic disease. (and stroke and MI presumably).  And all this is induced by diet.   Not changing diet in cancer helps residual disease spread.

One of the thing that is important to note, most Estrogen Receptor are covered by a sugar, and Heparan sulfate is in most case the cover.  Guess what, THBS1 interact with Heparan for potentially its removal.  Making thrombospondin potentially a mechanism for cessation of Receptor desensitization.  What would happen in people depending on the preservation of the Receptor function (Tamoxifen)?  can we also infer there is a benefit for sulfur products here?

If you follow this line of thinking, you will also find that cholesterol use by the brain will be affected.  Another effect of LAIR1, opening another Pandora Box!

Eat less sugar is critical to cancer spread.....The CRBCM, work is still ahead.....
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