Monday, January 20, 2014

Importance of cancer Metastasis

One thing for sure Metastasis is just not another characteristic of Cancer. It is one of the characteristics of tumoral cells that make them cancerous.  Cancer will not kill anybody unless it spreads (with the exception of Brain cancer, but even in this disease, it is the tentacular infiltrations of these cells that ultimately kill.  Cancer on the move kills.  So it is important to focus on genes that lead to cancer spread.   Prostate cancer or colon cancers will not kill if invasion and metastasis will not occur.   And survivors will not be at risk if the disease stopped popping up somewhere else (in most cases, since local recurrence could be dealt with vehemently with an aggressive local treatment!).  Spread has become sophisticated, from Putative genes such as MTS1, to motion evidence with non muscle Myosin (II, and sometime V)/Actin, to SNAIL and SLUG (E-Cadherin).  It goes on to hiding behind P53 of which activation can increase phosphorylation of MK5 and you know what effect this will have on RAS.  In Breast cancers in particular, you know about RSK dependent TGF accumulation of MK2.   Increase of RSK4, decrease CXCL family member which in turn activates the Claudins...Other pathways of importance VEGF,LIMK1,P38.  Putative role of RhoA/Rock.   MLCK, BNIP and even LAR genes.   We have so many chances to act but sit on our hands...talking to governors who have nothing to do with these markers...The Ultimate blocker to cancer research is still Human...wearing Tuxedo, unaware or innocent to science!  Work with CRBCM to stop cancer, not find reasons...and you know the rest....CRBCM progressing slowly but surely ... we will continue to fight until we find a cure...and enemies become irrelevant to the fight! (So many markers, so many chances to stop cancer, but nothing substantial done to capture the moment! and politics keep going...they lost their soul! )
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